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Doc Johnson’s world of erotic pleasure

There’s a whole new multiverse of weird shaped, plastic and elastic, enormous and pocket-size sex toys being born every day, and it’s becoming increasingly hard to choose just a couple of them for a list like this one. We’re looking for the best selling products and information about their manufacturers, and this time we came across the veterans of industry – American company Doc Johnson, offering huge variety of high quality adult equipment. Here are some of our favorite picks.

Ur3 Reversible 2 Way Stroker Frost

Masturbation sleeves for men(or other things like tenga flip hole) have become very popular in the last five or six years, especially when devices with virtual reality features were introduced. If you’re still …


Sex statistics – Who are the world champions in sex?

The Olympic games are over and nations are still fighting over who got the most medals and best results, but how about the most important (second) thing in the world – success rate in the bedroom? The subjects ranged from 21 to 55 years of age and revealed some interesting results.

Who’s losing and who’s winning?

The survey revealed that 55% of the world population had sex with one to eight partners, except in Sweden where as many as 26% of respondents said they had 20 or more sex partners. They’re followed by the Greeks with 25%, while in the UK one in five people had more than 20 partners. In Japan, 44% of respondents had sex with one to …

sex overtime

Will your sexual experience get better over the years?

As people are getting older and more mature, they aren’t bothered with sexual confidence any more, they’re not chasing any kind of status and worrying about possible problems, which is obviously resulting in a better relationship and sexual experience for both partners. Sex becomes a lot more emotional than it was when people were younger, because it’s not so much about hormones anymore, as it’s about sharing an intimate experience with the person you love. Here’s how often and how good sex people are having throughout their life.

In their 20s – Often, low quality

Men aging from 20 to 30 years think about sex every few hours, says sexologist Tracey Cox, but a lot of them are still afraid …


S&M guide for beginners

Acronym BDSM stands for “bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism”, and most people who watched (or read) “Fifty Shades” have the wrong idea about it. The point is that partners are sexually aroused while one of them has complete control over the other, with pre-defined limits. It doesn’t have to involve sex, though this kind of relationship can get complicated unless both partners have set emotional boundaries. If you’re interested in BDSM, here’s some advice and the most common misconceptions about it.

Buy a whip and handcuffs

Let’s get this clear – BDSM doesn’t have to include any sex toys, also. Excitement is in the control you have over your partner, and it can be maintained with light “punishments” such as spanking, …

c vs u

Is sex different with circumcised and uncircumcised men?

Most women wouldn’t admit it, but they are  very interested in what’s hidden in the underwear of the man they like. Thoughts run through their mind: “Is it big?”, “What’s it like?”, “Is he circumcised?”. Although each sexual experience with circumcised men is completely different, the United States scientists often point out the health benefits of circumcision, and a lot of women find it quite satisfying. We’ve collected some of the results of scientific research from around the world to show you the main differences in hygiene and sexual experiences between circumcised and uncircumcised men.


Although circumcision doesn’t affect libido or penis functions, the fact is that it eliminates half the skin on the penis. This means it loses …